Web Based POS-System

Our Office Cloud POS system is available in four different packages depending on your requirements and budget. These are detailed below with the available features.

New Order

By designing the system with the latest technology, we can offer one of the most graphically enhanced systems in Point-of-Sale. Visually pleasing and highly functional, Office Cloud, cloud POS entry will reduce training time and increase productivity.
A unique security access code that is tied to an employee will track their activities and keep a detailed report of their transactions.

Repeat Order

While selecting a menu item, Office Cloud POS makes it simple to modify the quantity of order and reorder process.

Order History

Our Office Cloud POS system will store a historical log of customer orders which will help you develop customer profiles and enable better marketing strategies.

Basic Reporting

Our basic reporting function will include the following:
Report based on Category, Subcategory and Items. Void Sales Report, Report on sales and by Method of payment.


Our Office Cloud POS system will support printing to multiple or single printer options.

Basic manual Backup.

When required, the system includes a backup function which needs to be manually run by the user.

Admin Archive Facility.

This facility allows the administrators of the system to add/edit/delete records where appropriate.

Customer Database.

The customer database will record basic customer details such as name, address, telephone number. This is useful for takeaways or restaurants which would like to carry out direct mail shots to customers or offer them loyalty reward programs.

Menu Entry.

The Office Cloud POS is flexible software which will allow you to create customised menus. We give you full control over how and what you input into the Office Cloud POS menu, allowing you to create, edit, delete menu items and set appropriate pricing.

Automatic Backup.

Our Automatic Backup tool is well designed, flexible and simple. The most reliable approach is to set it so that it manages backups without any user input, backing up files as you edit them. Data can be saved to another system, a network drive, or even a folder on the same computer.

Advance Reporting.

Our Advance Reporting function provides you with all the necessary reporting tools to help you make well-informed decisions.

Reports that can be generated are as follows:.

Growth in customer base and average sale per guest/table.

Sales report (daily, weekly, monthly, or any date range).
Currency transaction– What is the total sale in cash and credit?
Activity, Transaction, Staff Performance and Itemised sales reports.

Inventory (Stock Control).

Our software can help you organise your inventory and get the maximum return for your investment. With Office Cloud POS Inventory you can increase your profit margin and guard against theft. Once an inventory order has been received or sold, the inventory list will automatically be updated.

Ecommerce Module.

This is a website module which can be attached to any client website and will integrate with our POS system. The system will allow the customer to place a take-out order or book a table at the restaurant and if required take credit card payment. The order information will instantly be transferred to the POS system and all relevant functions updated automatically. A printout will also be sent to the kitchen printer if it is a take-out order.